November 2009

New ad in poptropica!

Phineas and Ferb advertisement!



new creators blog posts:

1. post

2. postnew ad!

watch the video here:

there is a new ad on poptropica! here it is:

here is the guide:

there are two new costumes in the store! here they are:

Well it looks like the creators have made a new post! (again) click me to go to the poptropica creators blog!

here it is:

the creators are trying to make us really nervous!

Looks like there is a new creator called: MASTER MIME

there is a new post on the poptropica creators blog! here it is:

the new post:

the old post:

the new post!the really old post: old!

the poptropica creators made a new post here is a pic from the post:


(-:so what do you think? write a comment! is this on the new island? new island!? is it reality tv island or is it  a new island?


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