1. go on the fauntain

2. your going to get a gold coin then go to the museum 

3. use your gold coin to look around click on one of the books

4. the guy gives you a library card

5. go in the castle and go in to the first door at the right  1.floor

6. click on the MCM it will open a secret room

7. collect the cheese and pull the lever go to the door on the left and go to the maids room

8. use the cheese to catch the mouse

9. and get the paper whats in the chest 

10. go to the mill and talk to the guy with the shovel and he’ll give you a bago of manure

11. go in the mill and pull down on the rope holding the mill gears   

12. talk to the goth girl you will give her the paper you found

13. go to the main street and click on the thing on the fountain

14. the password Crescent moon, Planet Saturn, star, and the big sun

15. go to the hide out and talk to all of them one kid will give you a key

16. go back to the mill, and push away the two hay stacks and use the key to go inside

17. scare the owl out then go back outside and release the mechanical mouse and the owl will eat it

18. you made a new freind

19. go inside the hideout and break the mud wall

20. use the owl to get the fuel rod that the robot dropped

21. go to the mill again and get the coil of rope

22. go on top of the castle and shoot the door with the giant arrow

23. go inside you will find a piece of paper

24. go back in the museum and click under the bed

25. you will find the missing page from Mordreds journal

26. turn the mill and go on top of it 

27. and go inside the mill use the manure to power the hovercraft

28. go on the hovercraft and drag the fuel rod to the empty one 

29. Input the cooridinates from the page of Mordreds journal and press launch

30. you will be on the moon go onside the astro shop and ask the guy the first Question.

40. go to the holopad and make your own space ship

41.fly to the jungel planet (x15 y15)

42. get the lance on the jungel floor 

43. go on the other side jump on the eggs and free the unicorn and kill the phoeniex with your laser

44. fly to the fire planet  (x38 y20)

45. jump on the rocks and go in the volcano

46. this is hard always go in the hohles and hide there the thingy brings you back to the start when your not fast enugh

47. talk to the knight he will give you a ice arrow

48. To defeat the dragon, climb on the chains to get behind him. Then, pull on the lever to make the dragon fall asleep. Then, use the ice arrow to damage the beast. Repeat this process until you defeat the beast

49. go to the ice planet. (x 73 y 83)

50. get across the ice lake and go right

51. go up to the guy talk to him he will give you a shield

52. deafeat the Tigercopter 

53. go to the asteroid with the temple. (x 11 y 84)

54. click on the key and it will open a portel

55. if you hate puzzles like me do not talk to the princess shes binary bard

56. go inside the castle and heres how to defeat him get the bomb and let it fall on him but only let it fall on him when its blinking its going explode on his face and when you did that many times you will have to play your poptropican jump on him then jump on the lights and wait until he shoots it do this 4 or 3 times until he dies.

56.Go back to the King and Queen to claim your medallion

astro nights island medalionall medalions


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