January 2010

there is a new post on the creators blog!

looks like they are doing the same thing as in other games like clubpenguin! chek out this site for more details: http://www.poptropica.com/about/about-membership.html

here is a video:


here is is:

The poptropica shop finally got upgraded! They are selling a free item with opens a new window with poptropica avatar studio (i know it kinda lame! BUT ITS FOR FREEEEE!).

There are allot  of new posts on the poptropica creators blog about the new island! (CLICK THE PICTURES TO GO TO THE POPTROPICA CREATORS BLOG) HERE THEY ARE:

WALLPAPER for Counterfeit Island!

Counterfeit Island is out! here is a post from BINARY BARD on the poptropica creators blog:

Counterfeit Island now out!www.poptropica.com

There is a new cool post on the creators blog here it is:

Well im back (-: and this is my first post after x-mas! There has been allot  going on in poprtopica when i was gone!

Im just going to start with 3 NEW creators blog posts.

1.2.3.Click one of the pictures to go to the (PCB poptropica creators blog)

As you can see there is a new creator on the poptropica creators blog. And now you can buy the early access thing for Counterfeit Island for 500 credit!


Ok i know it is boring if i always write: There is a new ad in poptropica. and then i write: here are some pictures.

so today im going to write: There is a new COOL ad in poptropica it is another one about cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

And instead of here are some pictures: i will write: here are some photos:

But first the guide:

1.Go in the helicopter .

2. Jump up the mountain.3. Get the machine.

4. Get the spoon!

5. Finish the surfing mission

Now here are some photos:

I think this was the longest post i ever made!