there is a new post on the creators blog here it is:


There are some new pink stuff in the store!

DR. HARE did a post about it! here it is:

Hi people firs i want to tell you about my new blog called FREE RIDER 2 tracks click the text to go there if you don’t know the game go to the welcome to free rider 2 page!

finally REALITY TV ISLAND is back (cuz it was cancelled before and they made counterfeit island!!!!!

there is a new post on the creators blog!

looks like they are doing the same thing as in other games like clubpenguin! chek out this site for more details:

here is a video:

here is is:

The poptropica shop finally got upgraded! They are selling a free item with opens a new window with poptropica avatar studio (i know it kinda lame! BUT ITS FOR FREEEEE!).

There are allot  of new posts on the poptropica creators blog about the new island! (CLICK THE PICTURES TO GO TO THE POPTROPICA CREATORS BLOG) HERE THEY ARE:

WALLPAPER for Counterfeit Island!