October 2009

here are the items you need to find read this post for more details: https://poptropicaninja.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/new-contest-coming-soon/

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send an e-mail what says where the items are to this to this                                                                 e-mail: poptropicaninjablog@yahoo.com


Sorry that i did not post for soo long! I was on vacation! 🙂

new cool stuff

and costumes!

lots of new costumes!

new costumes!

Silly Streams and Followers Spook Pack!

Silly Streams and Followers Spook Pack!

poptropica teamed

up with skins!

poptropica teamed up with skins now you can buy these cool skins for all of these cool gadgets! 🙂

How to buy skins?

1. go to http://www.skinit.com/landing_page.php?id=Poptropica&affiliate=poptropica

2. select a image.



3. Select a device.




4. select a company.



5.  choose one!4.


6.      5.

In poptropica there is a new ad called ice age 3!!!!!!

here is the guide!

ps: want to look at some illusions? link: http://health.yahoo.com/featured/46/8-mind-boggling-optical-illusions

the new ad is called fuel up to play!

here is the guide:

I will make a contest on the poptropicaninja blog it will be about finding stuff in poptropica!

Rules and info


the first 10 people to send me where the items are will go into my post i am going to  make later.


there is only one rule!


also look at the new haunted house guide!

Astro boy add

astro boy

there is a new add in poptropica! i did not find any youtube guide yet but if i do im going to edit this post and ad the video!

new add

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