this is a guide for the haunted house in poptropica! If you want to watch my video click me!

how to get inside the haunted house

1. Run left till you see the haunted house.

2. follow the bat and steal the key from it.

3. go left till you see the cellar door and go inside.

how to get the five items

to win haunted house you need to get these five items:

1. the poison

to get this item you need to be in the cellar. Once your in the cellar connect the boiler to the furnace by clicking on the pipes to move them. Now jump on the steam that is coming from the boiler. get on top of the platform and get the poison.

2. the lantern

go to the bedroom and click on the clocks. Now you need to get both skull heads to pop out at the same time. if you move your mouse on one of the clocks it will move faster than the other one. Next walk over the lantern to pick it up.Now go in the cellar and go under the stairs click on the barrel to light your lantern.

3. chalice

to get this item you need to go to the attic. To get there click on the spider on the floor. The spider will steal the broomstick. Jump on the broomstick go to the bathroom and fly trough the hole. Now go to the chest and play the puzzle (just reverse the puzzle)

4.Pick Axe and Ice

To get the ice you need the pick axe to get the pick axe jump on the knight and he will drop it. Next go down to the kitchen and open the refrigerator and click on the ice.


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