Well im back (-: and this is my first post after x-mas! There has been allot  going on in poprtopica when i was gone!

Im just going to start with 3 NEW creators blog posts.

1.2.3.Click one of the pictures to go to the (PCB poptropica creators blog)

As you can see there is a new creator on the poptropica creators blog. And now you can buy the early access thing for Counterfeit Island for 500 credit!


Ok i know it is boring if i always write: There is a new ad in poptropica. and then i write: here are some pictures.

so today im going to write: There is a new COOL ad in poptropica it is another one about cloudy with a chance of meatballs!

And instead of here are some pictures: i will write: here are some photos:

But first the guide:

1.Go in the helicopter .

2. Jump up the mountain.3. Get the machine.

4. Get the spoon!

5. Finish the surfing mission

Now here are some photos:

I think this was the longest post i ever made!